Two Moons

"Two Moons"

Performance and exhibition about Daydreaming by Marko Milic.

February 25, 2010 - Belgrade, Magazin


What I want is...

"What I want is..."

was the result of a theatre workshop with young people led by Kristian Al Droubi and Sanja Cekov. It was performed at the "Face to Face" Street Art Festival in Kraljevo, Serbia in 2007. The workshop was an invitation for young people who are often forced to live in the fringe of society to express their thoughts and feelings and face the society with their needs.


Time III

"Time III"

was a socially-engaged performance, serving as a mirror of the political stagnation and apathy in the society. It was performed in July 2007, on Infantfusion Festival (INFANT: International Festival of Alternative and New Theatre) at the Cultural Centre of Novi Sad, Serbia.

Performers: Marija Malbasa, Aleksandar Mladenovic, Kristian Al Droubi, Sanja Cekov, Sanela Milosevic, Visnja Obradovic, David Grabovac (Human Theatre)


The Secrets

"The Secrets"

was performed in 2007, as part of the Infantfusion Festival (INFANT). The performance was based on the idea that every person, space or event has its own secrets. The performance started on a public square with the auction of the performers' personal secrets and their revealing through performance, after which the performers took the audience to the riverbank. Using the boat the spectators were taken to one of the city's secret places - the underground passage of Petrovaradin Fortress, where a Butoh dancer and a photo exhibition revealed the secrets of INFANT Festival.

Performers: Visnja Obradovic, Sanja Cekov, Ivan Pravdic, Bojana Denic, Igor (Human Theatre)


Infant Woman
Infant Bal

"Infant Woman" / "Infant Bal"

are street performances with the aim to announce the INFANT Festival in Novi Sad, Serbia in 2006.

Performers: Visnja Obradovic, Kristian Al Droubi, Inka Krcmar, Marko Milic, Danijela Vuckovic and others. (Human Theatre) Concept: Sanja Cekov, Vladislav Curcin




was performed on FACE (Festival of Alternative Cultural Exchange) in 2005 in Novi Sad, Serbia. It was a mosaic-performance made of 19 different performance pieces. It was set in a hotel room and it lasted for more than 10 hours. Each performance piece was performed for only one visitor who was entangled into the creative process and became performer himself/herself.

Performers: Marko Milic, Ivana Elezovic, Sanja Cekov Costume design: Sanja Cekov



"The R/Evolution"

Through living and creating with the young people from all countries that were part of SFR Yugoslavia, we came to the conclusion that all of us have the same questions and no answers to them. "The R/Evolution" tells the story of SFR Yugoslavia's falling apart using an old Yugoslav car which was painted with the six present national flags of former Yugoslav republics before it was finally cut into pieces.

Concept: Kristian Al Droubi (Human Theatre)


The Life of Museum
The Pictures in Motion

"The Life of Museum" / "The Pictures in Motion"

are performances created for the celebration of the International Museum Day in the Cultural Centre of Novi Sad. According to the theme given by ICOM Secretariat for 2007 - Museums and Universal Heritage - the performers used costumes and props as well as huge frames to bring alive the actual art-pieces from the city museums.

Performers: Visnja Obradovic, Ivan Pravdic, Marija Malbasa, Kristian Al Droubi, Sanja Cekov and others (Human Theatre)


Butoh Variations

"Butoh Variations"

were Butoh dance improvisations performed within the Buskerfest Street Art Festival, Skopje, FYR Macedonia in 2007.

Dancers: Kristian Al Droubi, Sanja Cekov Costume design: Sanja Cekov